House rules

Have fun and enjoy your stay, but follow a few simple rules

  • Smoking is forbidden;
  • Small sizes pets allowed with supplement;
  • Dinners with friends allowed but not parties nor events;
  • Quiet hours need to be respected (after lunch and after dinner, till morning);
  • Avoid water and electricity waste;
  • You need to do a separate waste;
  • Only toilet paper in the WC. Throw sanitary napkins and diapers in the gray bin (non recyclable);
  • Do not damage the property and the furniture;
  • At checkout, please do not leave dirty dishes and¬†throw away the rubbish;
  • Books and guidebooks on the shelves should to be treated with care and left in the flat while information leaflets and maps are at disposal of our guests and can be taken away.

We would be happy if you could bring us a magnet of your own city/country for our fridge!